SIRENS launched Candy Community Labs in 2019 with the mission of sharing the joy that jewelry making brings to children in disadvantaged circumstances. Founder, Seville Michelle began designing jewelry over a decade ago, after experiencing a great personal loss. She found solace and a new found life as a jewelry designer, and a purpose beyond her wildest dreams. Candy Community Labs are designed to ignite the imagination with new possibilities using tools we have readily available.



Creating unique wearable candy jewelry is highly stimulating to a child’s imagination. The opportunity to explore their likes and dislikes when designing develops skills, and encourages creative choice and self expression. Assembling the each piece assists them in developing their planning and hand dexterity. By promoting children to express their imagination you present the opportunity to give them a small deceleration of self. By prompting children to talk about their creative choice, it aids in their language development as they are encouraged to find new ways to talk about their projects. Acquiring new descriptive and emotive vocabulary is a vital part of their learning to effectively express themselves—a skill that is fundamental in how well they interact with other people. A project that requires some degree of planning, such as making patterns from candy, choosing colors for a bracelet, or deciding how to make necklace, are all fantastic for helping children to develop their cognitive skills.


Practice makes purpose

Over gummy bears and peach rings children design light-hearted fashion accessories where each design overflows with individuality and personal style. The act of self discovery is a private experience, choosing colors and shapes that build final design is public. Each design is a deceleration of self expression.