Founder Seville Michelle has been designing jewelry since 2009 and has been so fortunate to have been recognized by both Vogue Japan and Vogue Italia, and many other major publications for her designs. She is a self-taught, visionary that brings community into her designs. Known for reinventing the jewelry of her youth in New York City, Seville applies the inspiration of her past into the designs of the future.

After a chance encounter with now partner, and former Peace Corps Volunteer Emily Castro. Seville sponsored a women jewelry making workshop in El Salvador by providing funding and on-site jewelry making classes which later formed into the template for the Sirens mission:

Our Mission: Arming women worldwide with business knowledge and technical skills to create their own economic opportunities.

Our Vision: An equal society where imagination inspires empowerment, opportunity, and education.

What We Do: Sirens arms women with the space to imagine, the courage to pursue, and the knowledge to strengthen.

Upon returning from her trip she was invited by the Office of Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment at USAID to present her case study. She continues to grow her relationship with them and is always for searching for ways to make noise, and sound the SIREN.

With the motivation to inspire creativity in others Seville develops compelling lesson plans that all center around jewelry design. Her workshops often include portraits of participants in their new designs with a hand-drawn chalk outline around their heads. Her focus is to always improve her surroundings, ignite creativity, laughter and joy. With an eye that sees the world through a lens of light and optimism, using jewelry making to spread optimism.

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