A portion of the 2020 collection will be handmade in El Rosario, El Salvador by our designers, collaborators and sisters, Belkis and Loyda.

Seville for the People creates exclusive jewelry designed to mimic the uniqueness of streetwear through hand-crafted techniques. Our profound desire for worldwide unity has ignited an incredible sense of power, creativity and imagination within our company. With exceptionally diverse materials, we confidently aim to redefine the jewelry industry and have an uplifting impact on society.

Seville for the People believes that creative expression fosters an innovative mindset that is absolutely vital to an individual’s mental growth and physical health. We have a fierce belief in the power of artistic expression. Creativity fosters an innovative mindset that nourishes our mental and physical health. Actively using your imagination cultivates a powerful skill set in analytical thinking, problem solving and ingenuity. In addition, our ability to create new ideas and let our imagination wander promotes better self-esteem, sharpens our mind and brings us to a meditative state. After our own powerful journey of healing through design, we decided to hold jewelry design labs, so others could share in the magic. Our mission is to share our secrets of healing with as many people as possible. It is for that reason that we have introduced Healing Jewelry Design Labs, and Candy Community Jewelry Design Labs for Kids.

Through intentional reflection and relationship building women work with Seville for the People (formerly SIRENS) to recognize their value in their community and harness their inner power. Our partners have become community leaders and entrepreneurs; demonstrating increased confidence in articulating their personal and professional goals.